WildFlesh Photography by Amelia G and Forrest Black

Forrest Black and Amelia G are best known for shooting gothic and counterculture pinup and erotic photography. The hallmarks of their distinctive style are viscerally saturated colors and the surprisingly intense sensual beauty of the unusual babes they choose as subjects. Together, Forrest Black and Amelia G have shot thousands of pages of magazine editorial, dozens of magazine covers and posters, tens of thousands of images for the web, and are currently working on yet another coffee table art book. They recently won Best Alternative Photographer again in the 2019 AltPorn Awards. They are based in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, but travel often in search of beautiful and interesting new faces (and bodies) to photograph.

"their work is simultaneously slick, smart, and sexy"
--Mirium Gurba, On Our Backs

"the photos unfurl the bare essence ... revealed in vivid detail"
--Hugh Gallagher, Draculina

"Amelia and Forrest produce scorching images that satisfy the six inches between my skull and the six inches between my legs"
--Clint Catalyst, author Cottonmouth Kisses